Hi there! This site supplements the course materials on WebAssign and from class. We will hold the second class at Morehead Planetarium, so directions are below. Helpful hints on doing the labs and some quick reminders are here, too.  I’ve also thrown a copy of the syllabus in for good measure.

*** Bring your laptop to class***

Course Schedule

course schedule


PDF here: Astronomy 101L Fall 2015

Week following Syllabus Week: Directions to Morehead Planetarium

You will only need to go to the Morehead Observatory once during the semester. Here are some simple steps:

  1. Go to the front of Phillips Hall (the castle-y building attached to Chapman)
  2. Walk down Cameron Avenue towards the Old Well
  3. Make a left towards the second building (New East) after the Old Well. Morehead will be straight ahead.
  4. Enter the building on the right hand side. Go to the fourth floor. (This is not the side with the larger dome.)

moreheadHelpful Hints

Click on a lab to access free hints. (courtesy Elaine Snyder)

Lab 1, Lab 2, Lab 3, Lab 4, Lab 5, Lab 6, Lab 7, Lab 8, Errors and Uncertainties

Helpful Websites

General Lab Info

Lab Tutorial Videos

***WebAssign (Lab Manual/Submission)***



(free open-source software to scroll around the entire night sky)